About Us

Aldershot Underwood Bowling Club was formed in 1930 through the generosity of Alderman Underwood. He purchased the land on which the Bowls Club still play, and he in fact bowled the very first wood on the new green.

We are a small friendly club located in Aldershot just off Eggars Hill. We have a full size 6 rink bowling green and a purpose built pavilion housing a clubroom, bar, kitchen and changing rooms.

We are affiliated to Bowls England, Bowls Hampshire, North Hants Women's Bowling Association, Aldershot & District and Farnham & District Bowling Associations.


Bowling Green


During the summer season we compete in four leagues:- the Aldershot & District on Tuesday evenings, the Farnham & District on Wednesday evenings, the Stan Hardman League on Thursday afternoons and the Blackwater Valley League on Friday evenings. Numerous friendlies are arranged with other bowling clubs at weekends. We also hold internal club competitions and events.


Bowling Green 


Throughout the season 'roll-ups' are held on Monday afternoons, where members can get together to practice their skills. Any new members are welcome to come along to these sessions as they provide an opportunity to learn the game and get to know club members.